Sensory Deprivation Tank-Benefit of the Float Tank

float tankJohn Lily created the concept of the sensory deprivation tank 1954. His aim was to see what would happen to the mind when it was completely free from as many stimuli as possible. Lily and many other known psychedelic users would report experiences greater than taking drugs while being in the tank; completely free from the present world and in contact with creatures from other worlds. However, many float users do not experience this kind of psychosis. Instead, they experience a deep meditative state similar to that of a deep sleep. The benefits of this intense relaxation are endless. Users of sensory deprivation tanks reports benefits such as pain management, deep rest, psychedelic, and stress management. Psychedelic experiences are created from floating after multiple sessions. The body and mind separate as the float tanks at float house allows the body to move freely without distraction of touch or internal feelings. The mind is then able to focus on itself entirely without distractions from the body it is in or the outside world. Joe Rogan, a pop culture icon reportedly describes his experiences in the float tank to be of the same psychedelic nature as those created by drug usage. These mind trips allows the floater to think outside the normal scope of thought to decipher the endless possibilities of the world.


Pain management is achieved through the rest and focus effects of the float experience. The freedom of the body puts all muscles and joints at complete rest unlike any other therapy at sensory deprivation tank vancouver. Total suspension by the Epsom salt forces the body to be at ease and rid any pain the floater may be experiencing. Focus is achieved by the mind, however the focus is not on the pain that the floater would have once had but on positive thoughts about the world and beyond. The subconscious is able to concentrate 100% when the body experience is not an aspect.   Total rest and relaxation is achieved through the float experience in the deep relaxed state. Blood flow is circulated through all the extremities, which release natural endorphins to aid in achieving complete relaxation. Once the body becomes at ease in the float tank, the mind can achieve complete rest. A typical 90-minute float session is equivalent to four hours of sleep in terms of relaxation and rest at . Stress is caused when cortisol levels increase in the body due to a stimulant or a recurring stimulant outside of the normal scope of what the body is used to. Complete separation of the body from the mind through the floating process allows for cortisol levels to be reduced, thus decreasing stress. To learn more about sensory deprivation tank vancouver.

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